Mini Mystery Dinner Theater Options 


What is a "mini-mystery"?
The script is short, the cast is small, the staging is simple, and the cost is a steal! At only $65, this type of mystery makes a great option for first-timers or for quickly putting together a fun evening between larger events.
(Script memorization is still recommended.)

The cost is much less because the length of the script is only about 30 minutes in total. And now there are several accompanying documents including:  mystery ballots, suggested games for the audience, character descriptions/overview for the cast, graphics, sample play bills, sample advertising and invite handouts, etc.

Keep the evening simple by doing a dessert theater or make this mystery part of a lock-in event.

Why did you create these shorter scripts?
When teaching workshops, I realized that simply stating facts was quite dull. So, I created the first script as a way to show attendees how much fun the audience has in watching the drama and trying to solve the mystery. Plus, the cast has a GREAT time too!

Later, I realized that many churches who are new to dinner theater need something short, easy, and quick to put together.

Which Mini-Mystery is your favorite?
My favorite tends to be the newest one because I think I learn as the years go by how to be a better writer. So, Moolah Mystery is my fav right now. And it was also fun to reminisce and include a bit of myself in each character. (For example:  Robin is a shag carpet raker and I absolutely loved doing that!) However, The Cupcake Caper is very easy and fits the most popular date of Valentine's Day very well.

Would you recommend a mini-mystery for a church that has already done a few dinner theaters?
No. Go for the full length - unless you have a drama group who is brand new to the process or if you want something quick and fun for part of a bigger event like a retreat or camp.

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A Medium Sized Mystery - Drama #4
Kidnapped: A Chocolate Whodunit
Nancy Bond

Mable's kidnapping disrupts the joyous celebration of a new product line from Caitlyn's Candies. The kidnapper is demanding that a guilty employee publicly confess!  Who is this kidnapper?  Which charlatan must profess their dastardly deed? Will he/she save Mable and spill the truth in front of everyone??  And if so, can Mable be found in time?

This script has a DUAL mystery! The audience will answer:  Who are the kidnappers? Who embezzled the money? and Why?

The audience will enjoy the chocolate theme. YUM!

Hurray! A short and easy drama for adults to present.

The Cast:
3 Male Roles and 3 Female Roles
1 M short role for final scene
Helpers for the Game (No lines)

Cost:  $100
This script is a medium sized option at 45 minutes, and very fun!         Preview   or   Order

Medium Size Mystery Dinner Theatre Drama

These Three Mini Mysteries Are Popular for Quick Events:

Mini Mystery Drama C
Moolah Mystery
Nancy Bond

Four teenagers decide to stop procrastinating and start working on a school project. But when a bag of money is discovered in the Harper’s home, suspicions quickly arise! Allegations are pronounced.  Lies are revealed. Conspiracies are divulged. Is a bank robber in their midst? Who wants revenge? Who dares to call the police? Will the family be permanently ruptured?

Decorations will be fun to create for this 1970's themed script. Plus, the money theme will inspire lots of ideas too.

The audience will enjoy the 1970's themed script by dressing the part, solving the crime, and even building the highest card tower!

This drama is ideal for youth to present or a combination of youth and adults.

The Cast:
3 Male Roles and 3 Female Roles
2 M or F Policemen for final scene

Cost:  $65        Preview   or   Order

Mini Mystery Drama B
The Surprise Party Bamboozle
Nancy Bond

Friends have organized a surprise party for Jake’s 25th birthday. Jake’s best friend, Brodie, gives him a very unique gift. But his friends become annoyed with Jake’s reaction to his new found power that this gift provides. When one of them demolishes the gift, the audience is asked to help solve the case.

The audience will get into the spirit by selecting their relationship to Jake, playing party games, eating birthday cake, solving the crime, and making some noise!

This drama is ideal for youth to present or a combination of youth and young adults.

The Cast:
3 Male Roles and 3 Female Roles

Cost:  $65    Preview   or   Order

Mini Mystery Drama A
The Cupcake Caper
Nancy Bond

A young man, Logan, is extremely excited about the upcoming night. He plans to surprise his girlfriend, Jessie, with a romantic proposal at the park where they met playing volleyball. However, his plans are crushed when he discovers the carefully selected engagement ring is missing! 

Who took the ring? Will Logan ever see the ring again? Is the engagement doomed to never happen?

The Cast:
3 Male Roles and 3 Female Roles

This drama is ideal for youth to present or a combination of youth and adults.  It is the shortest and least involved script available.

Cost:  $65    Preview   or   Order

BONUS -- The Greatest Mystery in History handout comes with every script so the gospel can easily be shared with the crowd. 

For a FREE preview of any of the scripts -- go to Preview FormSubmit your name and church name along with the name of the script(s) you would like to preview. You will receive three PDF documents: A portion of the script for you to understand the flow, a list of characters for you to determine if you have the right people to fill the cast, and a suggested schedule.

TO ORDER: To order a Mystery Dinner Drama Script go to Order Form. You will get an email invoice to pay with a credit card on PayPal or if you prefer - call with your credit card information. Then, after payment is received, you will receive the script as a PDF Document by email. PLUS lots of extras to help you have the best event possible!

Every script includes
: logos, example playbill, table game for audience, set up suggestions, ballots, example ad poster, character descriptions, example handouts for invites, Greatest Mystery Handout,. . .